Monday, 17 December 2012

Creative goings on!

Hellllooooo to everyone out there in blog land! how are you all?

Did you know there is only 6 days till christmas? arrggghhh I am NO WHERE near ready... I still have both my parents and their partners, Trystrams parents, my brother in-law and grandparents to organise presents for.... Oh and of course my hubby... we have made a pact this year, we are buy each other stuff for our back yard for Christmas, 3 years of it being a sand pit is enough! I am buying him a wheel barrow, and he is buying me a Tree!

Any way, so this last week I decided that I wanted to hand make some of my gifts, great timing hey? its not like working full time, and being a mummy is enough, I now have to put extra stress on my self hahaha

I had half made emelia a dress for her Daycare Christmas Party, but never quite got round to putting the finishing touches on it, and as it was her party on Friday night, I had to finish it up very quickly on thursday night. Very happy with how it turned out.

Looking pretty pleased with her self! Michael Miller -  Christmas Fabric Peace and Firefly in Red by Pillow and Maxfield. Purchased here
I also decided to make was some Felt "Paper dolls" Emelia loves dressing and undressing her dolls, but gets frustrated as her little fingers dont quite co-operate with her mind. So I came up with the brilliant idea of making some felt dolls and clothes to go with them.

I drew the patterns, then cut them out of felt.
A set for Emelia and a set to gift to her daycare

Emelia found the daycare set, at least I know she will enjoy this present!

I drew the patterns up, If I can figure out how to upload them to the computer I will pop them up as a PDF so if you want to make them, you can just print the patterns out. I just used felt, so there was no sewing needed. I am considering sewing the hair on, as its a bit painful trying to find those bits all the time!

Next I decided to make a rag quilt, I ran out of wadding about half way through, otherwise I would have finished this last night.

Moda - Domestic Bliss by Liz Scott purchased here

My little helper - what a rat bag!
I am loving this project so far, love the colours! I dont know if I want to give it away :-/ I have used a lovely soft flannel on the back, and 100% cotton wadding, its so soft and snuggly!

I will post a picture when it is all finished, and raggy!

I still have a few projects I want to tackle before christmas, but I have nearly 2 weeks off over Christmas and New Year, so if I dont get them done in time, I can always do them in my break!

hope you all have a lovely christmas!

Love Bec xxx

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

what do you carry around in your bag?

Today I was walking to work, and I realised that if somebody stopped me for a bag search, or if somebody stole my handbag, they would really be in for a bit of a shock! I carry some VERY strange things around in my handbag.....

So it got me thinking, what are some strange things that you carry around in your handbag? We all have the typical things like, purse, keys, makeup, perfume, sanitary items, pen etc but what would stand out in your bag?

Currently I have:

a couple of dolls patterns gifted to me by a beautiful work mate

a pin cushion???? strange I know

probably not that strange given that I have a 2 year old

Tea Ducky! this little guy float in a cup of hot water, his bottom holds tea leaves, so you can have a lovely cup of REAL tea :-)

A Dictionary - read this post if you want to know why this is in my bag

A crushed plastic cup.... there were no bins where I was yesterday!

A rather odd collection of bits and bobs if I do say so myself!!!

would love to hear what is in your bag!

Bec xxx

Sunday, 2 December 2012


I have a confession, I am not a good blogger, in fact Im a terrible blogger. I think of things to write about, then I think to myself, no one would want to about read that, its boring. I have some friends who are awesome bloggers, some blog nearly every day, they say to me "just blog about anything, it doesn't matter" So that's what I intend to do!

Sorry to those people who signed up for updates on my business "Milly and Mummy" I am not really concentrating on that at the moment, I am back working full time, and plus a mum to a gorgeous 2 year old, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend.... I just don't have time to run a business as well!

So... what is this blog going to be about? well I thought that it might be a good place to share my crafty projects, tutorials, and just a general blog about my life! So I thought I would treat you to tutorial on how to make these lovely prints.

I made this one for a Secret Santa gift, but it has found a home on my bookcase! Lucky they are so easy to make, I can just make another!

What you need:
  • An old Dictionary or Encyclopedia - the older the better, I found mine in a op shop, it cost me $1
  • A printer
  • Image, you can join sites that have free vector images, or just google it :-) I found this one by googling "Dandelion Sillouette"
  • Nice frame, this one came from the reject shop and cost me $4. Its a good idea to take you dictionary/encyclopedia along with you when you buy the fame, just to make sure your frame isn't too big.

Tear (Yes TEAR) a page out of your Encyclopedia, I am sorry to all the book lovers out there, I promise this was an old unloved Encyclopedia with outdated information!

Trim the edges of the page up so it goes through the printer nicely

Now place it into your printer

you may need to play round with the orientation, I ended up putting the paper in "landscape" way, but forgot to take a picture :-)

Next you need to pic a picture, I then just used the default printing program (sorry but I am not a computer savvy person haha)

And you have your picture!

I then used the guide that comes with the frame to cut the print to size

And then framed it up!

And there you have it a cute little Secret Santa gift that only cost $5!

I also made some nativity scene frames, to hang on my wall

just got to frame these up!

If you make any of these, let me know, I would love to see your versions!

Bec xxx

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Ok ladies, I am so sorry it has taken me so long, but I have finally drawn a winner for the $1 giveaway!

here are the gorgeous entries, don't they look super cute in their Milly and Mummy outfits!

I used to determine the winner, and out of 6 comments (not including my comment) RANDOM.ORG came up with the number...........

3 - Talia Tomba Woohooooo

Congrats hunni! contact me at to organise your outfit!

Bec xxx

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Who is ready for an AWESOME  Giveaway?

The lucky recipient will win a custom order of their choice (1 Item) For the grand price of $1 plus postage!!!

what do you need to do to win it?

Simple really - You need to have been a previous customer of Milly and Mummy, Upload a photo of your gorgeous little darling wearing her/his Milly and Mummy Outfit to my facebook page (you must be a liker) then come back to this blog and comment "I wanna win sooooo bad" The winner will be drawn on Friday the 10th of February

The Rules
* Must be a previous customer of Milly and Mummy
* Must be a "liker" of my facebook page
* Must use the same name to comment on my blog as you use on facebook (to avoid confusion)
* Comments must be made on this blog

Pretty easy hey!!

This is my way of thanking my gorgeous customers, who have been supporting me in my little business venture :-)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Nosey Parker In the Neighbourhood

Diary of a Flutter.Kat

Today I am linking up with Kat over at A Mumma's Time to Create for her Nosey Parker in the Neighbourhood Linky Party! I have missed the first couple of blog posts, but thought I would join up from now on. Number 3 is all about sewing, so here goes!

1)  How long have you been sewing? Are you a first generation sewer or was the knowledge handed down to you? Basically tell us about your journey...

I have only recently picked up sewing, roughly about 6 months ago, I have always wanted to sew, and have had a little sewing machine for about 7 years which I probably used about 7 times! I just never had enough confidence to sew anything. When I had my daughter Emelia, I became aware of the handmade community and would buy pretty outfits from WAHM's for Emelia. I have always been very crafty and started out making pretty headbands and embelished singlets/onsies, then after joining pinterest and seeing all the tutorials for making gorgeous clothes, I decided I would give it a go!

First 2 Dresses I made!

2)  Where do you sew?

I am very lucky to have my own sewing space. It used to be our Theater room, but as we never used it I claimed it for my sewing room! It is quite a nice big room, with lots of space to stetch out!

3) What does your sewing room/area look like today in it's real state. Take a picture of it if possible and show it to us real :)

I just re-arranged my room, to give my self some floor space, as I have recently taken up quilting and I needed some room to lay out my quilts.

 My sewing desk, with My lovely Brother, My old Janome and My Pfaff Overlocker

Cutting Desk (With loads of rubbish underneath - still need to sort it out) And Fabric Stash... NEED to sort this out as well

View from the door, my current stock getting ready for Market Girl

Other view from the door! Ironing board in the corner

Purchased Clothing ready to be sent off

4)  What is the first thing that you made which you were really proud of. Show us pics of your favourite project.

Well I showed you a picture of the first little Dresses I made, but I will Show you a few things I am proud of!

Little Christmas Dress I whipped up one afternoon for my little Miss!

Ruffle Bum Playsuit, this is made from my very own pattern! not bad for someone who had only been sewing for a few months!

Cute little romper!

5)  Do you always stick to the "rules" when you sew, or are you more improvisationally minded?

Bahahahahaha RULES??? I NEVER stick to rules, if there is a quicker/easier way of doing something I will find it haha. I am ALWAYS changing patterns to suit me.

well I hope you have enjoyed this post!


Thursday, 26 January 2012

latest creations

Just a few of my latest creations!

Size 3 Harlow Dress

Size 4-5 Harlow Dress

Size 4-5 Harlow Dress

Size 6 Twirly Skirt and Matching Top
Size 3 Harlow Dress

Size 2 Milly dress

Size 3 Lily dress

Size 1 Lily Dress

Size 1 Paperbag skirt and top

Custom Milly Playsuit

Size 2 Lily Dress - For Monkey over the Moon Auction

Bec xxx