Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Welcome 2013

 I cant believe it is FEBRUARY already!! I started writing this blog post back at the beginning of Jan, but had problems with my computer uploading photos, so after a few hours of frustrated words, I gave up. Then life got busy, real busy, and I haven't had a chance to get on and finish it up. So now I am finally finding time, I thought I would update you all on my crafty adventures!

Christmas was, as always a really busy time for us, we spend the whole time driving from family member to another, I managed to squeeze in some homemade Christmas gift, though a lot less than I wanted to.

First I finished the Rag Quilt and let me tell you this beauty was REALLY hard to give away

My sister was the lucky recipient, She also got some cute Peter Alexander PJ's so she can sit under her cuddly quilt in her new PJ's! 

We all met up at my sister house Christmas Eve for our traditional dinner, and I wanted to take something nice along, I found this on pinterest, so decided to give it a go..... Bit of a failure...

I used royal icing to cover the cardboard cone, but I don't think I let it set for long enough, because all the strawberries were falling off. the other weird thing that happened was the strawberries "leaked" heaps of juice.... I have never seen them do that, maybe it was just too hot... My tip is to not do this when strawberries are $5 a punnet.... I used about 5 punnets here!

cute wrapping paper

secret Santa gift

Emelia got a Trampoline and a play Kitchen for Christmas, two huge pressies, but let me tell you, they have been two of the best purchases we have ever made for her! She uses both daily!

playing in her kitchen

Emelia and Daddy on the Trampoline

I also tried my hand at some hand embroidery! Ok so they are not brilliant, but its a start!

This one inst finished, as you can tell, the second E in exercise is not finished hahaha

I also made a cute cushion, I need to make 3 more for my lounge, and I will get around to it sometime soon!

I just love the colours

A friend of mine had her baby girl, and being that she isn't a "pink" person, I decided that I would use the same fabrics I used for the cushion to make a pram blanket, It also helped that all the little squares were already cut out! I forgot to take a picture of the finished project, but here is a pic of it on my sewing machine

such gorgeous colors

OOOO and when I returned to work after the Christmas break, I got the chance to help out with a project my local youth centre was running, we helped a bunch of kids design their own t-shirts and then screen print them! it was so much fun! So then I decided that I would like to do some screen printing of my own, I went of to the shops to buy all the gear, and was totally shocked with the prices! so after a bit of googling, I found a tutorial on making my own screen! $8 and 20 mins later I had it finished, sooo easy!

wooden frame (from a cheap canvas) "silk" which is really just a fine polyester curtaining fabric, and a staple gun
two of my original designs, "make do and mend" sewing machine and Rockabilly babe

t-shirt I made Emelia, silk screening and applique 

and finally just some sewing projects

little house, Emelia loves this, she calls it her Hoot, no idea why! 

Little Sailor Shorts, LOVE these pattern available here 

top to match the shorts, my own pattern

And my little Angel wearing the outfit! I cant contain this cuteness! 

Wow long post... I was going to tell you more about what is happening on my life, but eh another day perhaps!

Bec xxx

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