Sunday, 27 November 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Right now Im busy completing a Mountain of custom orders, I was hoping to have some sewing time this weekend, but it just didnt happen...

On Saturday, we had a lovely lazy morning, with 3 in the bed (Hubby, Emelia and Me) lots of giggles, cuddles and happy memories. When we finally decided to get up, we went for a drive up to Cockburn, and I actually went into spotlight and didnt buy any thing! wowow We then went into a furntiture shop were I found 2 bookcases (on special) that were exactly the right height for my new cutting table. So after realising that I wouldnt fit them into the car with a baby seat in the back, I drove Emelia and Hubby home, then went back up to pick up the bookcases.. Unfortunatley I also stopped in Spotlight... this time I did come out with a few things... hehehe I just cant resist it!
That night we decided to watch the last Harry Potter film, Im sad to say good bye to Harry, Ron and Hermione, I may just have to read the books again!

Sunday we planned to have a lovely Roast Lunch with the inlaws, So went went to pick them up sunday morning, and we saw that Rockingham had a Fair on, so we spent the morning looking around. Emelia had a great time, she just loves her Granny and Grandad, and Grandad just dotes on her, he will play with her for hours and hours, just letting her wander wherever she wants, and him following her! Its very cute!

Emelia patting a goat

Checking out a duck

Patting a Calf

We have a real little nature lover on our hands!

When we got home I cooked up a yummy Roast chicken with Yorkshire Puddings and all the lovely roast veggies, YUMMMMM

Then we set to work on my sewing room! WOW what a job! hahaha half way through my Mum came to visit, and she could barely get through the front door hahahaha My husband and Father-in-law did all the heavy lifting, and its still not 100% finished, but hopefully it will make a much better sewing area.

My new cutting table - 2 bookcases and a peice of melamine

VERY MESSY, but slowly getting there

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a lot of work still to be done, a scrapbook destash, fabric tidy up and it should be just about right

So all in all it was a very busy weekend, but back to finishing custom orders this week! I hope to have them finished by the end of this week.

Bec xxx

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