Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Oh Dear, what have I got myself into???

Last week, I went to my quilty friend Kat's place for some company while we both did some monotonous sewing (sewing on labels ehhhh) after about an hour or so we were both falling asleep at out sewing machines out of sheer boardness - is that even a word?... (that and having stayed up late the night before sewing and chatting) I was just about to pack up and Kat decided that she needed to make a pressie for a party that she was going to the next day, after some discussion, she decided on making one of her gorgeous quilted cushions, and as I had LOVED that cushion from the day I saw it, I thought Hrmmm I might just follow along with her! We were both re-energised and set about getting our fabrics together.

Let me tell you a little secret... I'M NOT A QUILTER.... I sew clothing... children's clothing.... period.... lol.

I set about using some delicious lecien fabrics that I purchased from etsy recently, as well as raiding Kats scrap bin.

this is what I came up with

Isn't it pretty? I just love these fabrics
So after seeing the finished product and loving it so much...... I decided in a moment of madness, that I'm going to make a quilt for Emelia, for when she goes into a big bed... Am I crazy?? Where am I going to find the time? Oh well, no rest for the wicked!!

two of the fabrics I chose were found down at my local spot light, but the pretty Lecien is imported, and I don't have enough of it by far, so now I have to source more of that, but I think it will be worth it! and the Emelia can keep is as a special keepsake for the rest of her life :-)

this is the first block I made

I quilted the wrong way, but oh well....
And I want the final product to look a little like this ..... Obviously different fabrics, but you get the drift!

Any quilting tips greatly appreciated, especially - how to keep my lines straight hehehehe

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