Wednesday, 28 December 2011

New Years Resolution

I don't have a very good track history with blogging..... I usually post once or twice and then forget about it! But I'm happy to say, so far I have lasted just over a month and blogged 8 times! (this blog makes 9 woohoo) great record for me!

I have never been good at keeping a diary either... I have a friend who has a diary every year and writes every little thing down in it, and when she can't remember something, she just pulls her diary out and there it is!

A friends daughter asked me today what Emelia's first word was and I was shocked to realise I don't remember :-( how sad is that? She is only 16 months old!! Of course if I kept a regular diary, then I could check that!

This is going to be my new years resolution, keeping this blog regularly updated and keeping a diary. My hubby bought me a lovely diary for Christmas, so in this I can write what custom orders I have, dates of markets, and other important things!

What are your resolutions?

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