Thursday, 8 December 2011

Pig tails

When I was pregnant with Emelia, eveywhere I went I would see these gorgeous little baby girls with a beautiful mop of dark brown hair, I would dream of how Emelia would look and it always included beautiful brown hair.

Well when she was born, there was very little hair and what was there was RED!!! (We kinda knew it was going to be red, history of it on both sides - I was fooling my self about the dark hair) The hair that she was born with all fell out a month or two later, and my baby girl was left VERY BALD

Emelia - 3 days old

6 weeks old, and a tiny bit of fluff on her head

4 months old, Yep - Bald
She had a bit of a mullet going on for a while as well! Quite funny

what could be more attractive than a red mullet?

I would make sure that she was wearing pretty headbands all the time, because even if she was wearing pink somebody would always say "whats his name" grrr so frustrating. Then Slowly it began to grow

see the little Tuft?
and then it developed curls!

cute little ringlets

and more curls

hehehe this has been fluffed up
and then finally today, after waiting for 15 months, and wishing, hoping, praying that it would grow, I was able to put 2 little pony tails into her hair!!! YAY

Oh hi Mum! dont I look cute?
check out the colour! Red is in baby!
Im so excited, now I can make some cute little clips and put cute little bows on her pig tails hehehehe

Love my girl xxxx


  1. She is so cute I could eat her all up!!!!!!

  2. aww what a cutie! My MissE didnt have much hair either. Now she does she wont let me touch it without begging lol