Monday, 12 December 2011

Sneaky Peaky

In the new year I am going to be offering a few different designs. I have had these designs in mind for some time now, but have just been unable to get time to make them!

Well on the weekend we were heading out to our Church's Carols in the Park, and I just wanted my little Miss to have something pretty to wear. So I got out some BEAUTIFUL Tanya Wheelan Fabric that I ordered some time ago, and havent had the chance to use yet. This Fabric is not christmas Fabric, but I thought it would make a gorgeous Christmas Dress

Tanya Wheelan - Delilah
I used a Lily Bird Studio Pattern, that I bought from Patterns Only.

and this is the finished product

Little Rudolph!

So what do you think?

First 3 custom orders for 2012 have been filled already!

Bec xxx

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  1. She did look very cute...I am sure they will be a really popular make for you.x